Buying by way of auction is simpler than what you might think

Buying by way of auction is simpler than what you might think!

And why wouldn’t you?

The simple truth of it all is that you definitely get better prices on auction, we can all debate it until the cows come home but in reality it is essentially you the buyer, or what we call the ‘market’ who decide the price, we like to call this the “true price” this is calculated at the general interest of the asset and the multiple bids that the auctioneer might pull, but all dependent on you the buyer who set’s the price and submits his bids to the auctioneer.

What are the reasons that are stopping you from buying on auction?

lets explore this…

90% of people (stark generalisation) will tell us that they are scared of buying a lemon so to speak…really what they are saying is that they are scared that there might be a major problem with the asset that they are interested in buying, well to this we say that times have changed tremendously and that we are now living in the year 2017, first of all we are held by the highest standards of doing business by our regulating bodies and authorities, secondly we as Auction Evolution are only interested in sustainable business and sustainable relationships, we invite you to chat with us to walk and talk with us, you are ever so welcome to bring in a mechanic  for a second or third even fourth opinion if you like, after all that’s what viewings are for! The more certain you are of your pending buy the happier and more confident we are, in large part what we pride ourselves on the most is the niche that we for-fill within the market, we like to think that we fit in between wholesale prices and market related indicators, our very philosophy herein is that at the prices we sell at there is good money to be made, buying and selling is always the best recourse from here! But at the same time, the end user is more than welcome and at the right and fair price is then able to put what ever beast it is that they might have purchased to work immediately and in turn, for the savings that they might have achieved enjoy greater profits.

OK so that was really a mouthful, but actually so simple! in a nut shell buy on auction pay 30/40% less than retail value.

Now the second concern that you might have currently preventing you from buying on auction is you don’t have the cash…and to that we say NO PROBLEM as we are a reputable and credible auction house we offer finance through all the major financial houses through our partners namely Auction Finance! Yes you read that right, you can finance a vehicle on auction! Just make sure that your finance is approved and then Bob’s your Uncle, you could be the brand new owner of a shiny car, or beastly truck! Look cash is King obviously but you do have other options! Question is why would you miss out on setting up your own dream business by buying on auction? and why would you literally pay more else where?

For us its ever so simple…”TALK TO US FIRST” and let us endeavour to sort you out with all your needs.

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