Hello and Welcome

Auction Evolution is host to some of the most premium auctions in South Africa, with a broad inventory on our stock list available to every bidder on the floor. We stand for expertise in all areas of heavy machinery, including (but not limited to) trucks, trailers and heavy construction equipment.

Our expert auctioneers hold over 20 years of experience in the industry and ensure that service is executed ethically, and with the highest standard of professionalism at every auction, every time. We provide a hassle-free auction experiences to our clients all across South Africa as well as Sub-Saharan Africa.

Join us at our next auction and benefit from a team of specialists, unrivalled auction venues and a supreme clientele network.

Our Auction Process


We ensure the safe processing and appraisal of your assets, but we want you to bid with the same confidence that we have in our stock. You can come view our assets the day before the auction to browse for what you want, and give it your own thorough inspection.

Auction Day

Registration happens on the day, so arrive early to miss the rush. This will also give you another opportunity to have a sneak-peak at our assets on show that day. We ensure high quality presentation of everything on the floor so you can make your bidding choices with ease.


Are you the next winning bidder? Our prospective buyers are free to open the floor with their ideal amount, should you want to Be loud, proud and make sure the auctioneer has acknowledged your offer so that you stay in the lead of the fevered bidding.

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